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• Musical theatre in La Bellevilloise • 

For this 1st Sunday in La Bellevilloise with 2e2m, Georges Aperghis meets the young generation. In an " unusual " concert, Alexandre Singier creates an opera stage based on the writer Dieudonné Niangoune, adding low-fi electronics to the instruments of the two plays by Aperghis, both founders of the musical theatre.

Somewhere between music and installation, Laps by Basile Chassaing, for percussionist and motion sensors, leads the audience on a wander. Then, the musicians themselves will merge with the public in a Garth Knox’s duo that makes room for improvisation. 

Lastly, with Non-canonic Variations, the Japanese Noriko Baba creates a dramaturgy inspired by Bach's "pure" music.



Duration / 2 h 00

Production 2e2m

Basile Chassaing


solo for motion sensors & live electronics

Georges Aperghis

Les Sept crimes de l’amour

soprano, clarinet & percussion

Simulacre I

soprano, clarinette et percussion

Ricardo Nillni

Panta rhei

percussion & viola

Noriko Baba

Non-canonic Variations

flute, clarinet, viola & cello
conductor, Fernando Fiszbein

Alexandre Singier


world premiere / commission 2e2m
soprano, clarinet & percussion

Garth Knox

No pitch, no problem

percussion & viola

Angèle Chemin - soprano

Jean-Philippe Grometto - flute

Véronique Fèvre, Clément Caratini - clarinets

Elisa Humanes, Alain Huteau - percussion

Claire Merlet - alto

David Simpson - cello


Sunday 26 january 2020 / Paris / 18 h 00

La Bellevilloise

19-21 rue Boyer

75020 Paris

M3 Gambetta, M2 Ménilmontant

Presale : 11€, T.R. 6,5€

On-site box office : 12€, T.R. 8€



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