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It is vocality - in all its forms - and text - perceptible or not - that guide this concert. It brings together on stage the musicians of 2e2m and students from the voice department of the CRR de Paris for a new collaboration. The tragedy of the 5 Lieder nach Gerorg Trakl by Gualtiero Dazzi (1998), a suicidal poet scarred by war, rubs shoulders with the light, humorous world of Mikel Urquiza in I nalt be clode on the frolt.

Lithuanian composer Justė Janulytė proposes yet another tonality, and the long, contemplative, meditative sections of Plonge make twelve voices and a cello resonate as one.

We will also be listening to Thierry Machuel and his work The invisible Kingdom, a veritable secular requiem. Echoing Gregorian chants, these delicate polyphonies invite us to contemplate. These works dialogue with Strasnoy's Écos, musical miniatures, deploying clear forms for "pure music, more insignificant than a smell. Each piece is the distant echo of a chord, of a sound".


Duration / 1 h 15


Production 2e2m, with the support of CRR de Paris and MMC.
The mission of the Maison de la Musique Contemporaine (MMC) is to showcase and promote contemporary music, provide support for professionals and educate the public.
This season 2e2m is supported by Ernst von Siemens Foundation.

Justė Janulytė

Plonge (2015)

12 voices (Higher department for young singers) and cello

Gualtiero Dazzi

5 Lieder nach Georg Trakl • création mondiale (1998-2023)

solo soprano, clarinet, percussion, cello, double bass

Thierry Machuel

The invisible Kingdom (Spell of creation, The unloved, Purify - 2005)

Vocal ensemble of the Master of the CRR of Paris

Mikel Urquiza

Atelier de Giacometti, (Toute petite figurine, L'homme qui marche - 2019)

flute and piano

Oscar Strasnoy

Ecos (2009)

For viola, oboe, harp, cello, violin

Mikel Urquiza

I nalt be clode on the frolt (2018)

solo soprano, flute, oboe, clarinet, harp, piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello


Direction musicale- Florent Didier

Direction de choeur- Pierre-Louis de Laporte


Angèle Chemin -soprano

Jean-Philippe Grometto -flute

Jean-Marc Liet -oboe

Véronique Fèvre, Rin Mourakami -clarinet

Alain Huteau -percussion

Maroussia Gentet -piano

Marion Lénart -harp

Dorothée Nodé-Langlois -violin

Claire Merlet -viola

David Simpson -cello

Louis Siracusa -double bass


Avec les élèves et étudiant•e•s de la fillière voix du CRR de Paris


Tuesday 23 january 2024 / Paris / 20 h 00

CRR de Paris • Auditorium Marcel Landowski

14 rue de Madrid

75008 Paris

M3 Europe



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