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Lucas Fagin drew inspiration from Pink Floyd's On the Run and Ligeti's chamber concerto to compose Psychedelic, a masterful blend of acoustic and electric instruments. Tomás Bordalejo and percussionist Quentin Dubreuil have renewed their collaboration and complicity in Les Heures*, concerto for percussion and ensemble. Somewhere between improvised and written music, between today's composers and Afro-American folklore, a new composition by Juan Camilo Hernández Sánchez brings together 2e2m and the Latin American percussionist ensemble Frapadingos, led by Minino Garay. A dialogue between skins, metals, classical keyboards and Peruvian, Brazilian, Cuban and Argentinean percussion.


Duration / 2 h 00

Production 2e2m. * With the support from the Francis and Mica Salabert Foundation.


Part 1


Tomás Bordalejo

Les Heures

commission 2e2m, with the support from the Francis and Mica Salabert Foundation
solo percussion*, flute, clarinet, saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion & double bass

Lucas Fagin


ancer & clarinet, trumpet, electric guitar, keyboard, percussion, violin, double bass

Georges Aperghis

Le reste du temps ✽

solo cymbalum, solo cello, 2 clarinets, bassoon, horn, percussion, piano, violin, viola & cello


Part 2


Juan Camilo Hernández Sánchez


World premiere / commission 2e2m

+ Set Frapadingos



1ère partie / Part 1


Guillaume Bourgogne - conductor


Anne-Sophie Lancelin - dancer

* Quentin Dubreuil - percussions

Françoise Rivalland - cymbalum

Christophe Roy - cello


Jean-Philippe Grometto - flute

Véronique Fèvre - clarinet

Sophie Raynaud - bassoon

Philippe Caillot - saxophone

Laurent Bômont - trumpet

Augustin Barré - trombone

Cédric Bonnet - horn

Clément Delmas - percussions

Véronique Briel - piano

Giani Caserotto - guitar

Dorothée Nodé-Langlois - violins

Hélène Desaint - alto

Tanguy Menez - double bass


With the students from Gennevilliers Conservatory


2ème partie / Part 2


Frapadingos + 2e2m

2e2m - Clément Delmas, Christophe Bredeloup

Frapadingos - Minino Garay, Rocco Sedano, Rodolfo Muñoz, Abraham Mansfarroll-Rodriguez, Guilherme Alves


Monday 23 november 2020 / Montreuil / 20 h 00

La Marbrerie

21 Rue Alexis Lepere

93100 Montreuil

M9 Mairie de Montreuil


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