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Festival Messiaen au Pays de la Meije

Francesco Filidei manages to reduce an opera in... 10 minutes full of humour and lightness. Eight sketches on the impossible love between a bird and a fish, written by the French writer Pierre Senges, punctuated by delectable and delicate musical moments.

Two works for percussion hinge on this Opera (forse). With Okho written for djembe, composer Iannis Xenakis created a kind of tribal modernism looking for a balance between the visceral and the cerebral. Karlheinz Stockhausen, in his Tierkreis (Signs of the Zodiac) composed in 1975, imagines twelve short melodies originally for twelve music boxes, one per sign of the zodiac, here transposed for percussion. 


Duration / 1 h 00


Xenakis Iannis


3 percussions

Francesco Filidei

L'Opera (Forse)

text, Pierre Senges
reader & 6 musicians

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Tierkreis - 12 Melodien der Sternzeichen

2 percussions

Pierre Roullier reader

Alain Huteau, Quentin Dubreuil, Christophe Bredeloup, Stanislas

Delannoy, Clément Delmas percussions

Jean-Philippe Grometto instrumentalist


Tuesday 30 july 2019 / La Grave / 17 h 00

Salle des Fêtes de La Grave


05320 La Grave

€ 20



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