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Personal expression, over the centuries, of a accomplished genius, laboratory of forms, even series of "leaflets », the string quartet still has a great drawing power for today composers. Steve Reich evokes the deportees of Europe by mixing recorded voices. Ondřej Adámek gives a flamenco spirit with strong emotion, modes of playing and rhythms. And Carola Bauckholt lets the instruments for a small theater of windbreakers!

Duration / 1 h 00

Production 2e2m, Ville de Gennevilliers. With support from SPEDIDAM.

Steve Reich

Different Trains

string quartet, electronics and video

Ondřej Adámek

Lo que no contamo

string quartet

Carola Bauckholt

Hirn & Ei

4 musicians

Rachel Givelet, David Haroutunian violins

Hélène Desaint cello

Myrtille Hetzel cellos

Alain Fleischer video


Saturday 8 june 2019 / Gennevilliers / 19 h 00

Conservatoire Edgar-Varèse

13 rue Louis Calmel

92230 Gennevilliers

M13 Les Agnettes

Free admission


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