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Soundfestival + Festival Musiques Démesurées

Four major figures of the creation introduce four distinct colors of the instrumental gesture. By sounding the silence, coloring the sound continuum or exploring the suspension, they all wonder about the link with past and future sounds and about the relationship between stasis and passion.

Duration / 1 h 00

Diaphonique, Franco-British fund for contemporary music in partnership with the Institut français du Royaume-Uni, the Sacem, the British Council, the French Ministry of Culture, the Bureau Export, the Institut français and the Friends of the French Institute Trust

Pascale Criton

Territoires Imperceptibles

flute, guitar and cello

Francesco Filidei

Esercizio di Pazzia II

4 performers

Rebecca Saunders


clarinet, electric guitar and cello

Raphaèle Biston


World premiere / commission Soundfestival/Festival Musiques démesurées
flute, clarinet and cello

Jean-Philippe Grometto flute

Véronique Fèvre clarinet

Caroline Delume guitar

David Simpson cello


Thursday 1 november 2018 / Scotland / 18 h 00


King’s College Chapel

High St Aberdeen

•//• Scotland


Tuesday 6 november 2018 / Clermont-Ferrand / 20 h 30


22 Boulevard Desaix

63000 Clermont-Ferrand

From €5 to €10

+33 (0)6 41 97 20 58


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