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Festival Format Raisins

The music and dance festival, which also includes visual arts, holds concerts on both sides of the Loire, where the vineyards meet, and also promotes work tied to the landscape and local area. Two 2e2m partner composers tuned into the outside world will be featured. Aurélien Dumont combines musical miniatures with images by video artist Jennifer Douzenel on Atlantic tidal pools, while Jean-Luc Hervé's Retransmission decenters the acoustic space by creating multiple sound sources.


Duration / 1 h 00

Production 2e2m. Coproduction Festival Format Raisins. With support from Spedidam.

Aurélien Dumont ⁄ Jennifer Douzenel


ensemble & video

Jean-Luc Hervé


commission of Festival Format Raisins
8 voices, ensemble & speakers

Pierre Roullier conductor

Tiphaine Chevalier, Roxane Vinson et Charlotte Buzzi sopranos

Anne Laure Hulin et Claire Naessens altos

Rémi Peloso et Louis Roullier barytons

Olivier Gourdy bass


Saturday 13 july 2019 / Saint-Loup-des-Bois / 17 h 00

Museum of Agricultural Machinery and Rurality

9 rue du Maître de Forges

58200 Saint-Loup-des-Bois

10 / 15 €



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