"Trained originally as a photographer and filmmaker, over the past decade my work bridges collaborative and individual projects encompassing photography, video and installation-based performance work.
Much of my recent work has centered around collaborative devised projects with choreographers, performers, and musicians – in both staged projects and site specific installations.
Currently I am pursuing conceptual interests in how imagery formed at certain perceptual limits such as very low-resolution video, subtly changing series of images, and temporal distortions such as extreme time lapse / compression change our experience of social spaces, and, seemingly private experience.
As an artist I strive to make technology (if used) an essential inseparable tool — but still to be fundamentally a tool for exploration rather than a means in itself.  Even when the conceptual or political material may be complex — such as explorations of memory & series; temporality, scale and physical sites; exploration of the complex social relationship of technology and the landscape; and the intersections of live performance, the social and technology — I see the emerging role of technology as one of a fundamental democratisation / opening of individual and social possibility."

Ian Winters is an award winning video & media artist working at the intersections of performance, architectural form, and time-based media. In addition to individual work he often collaborates with composers, directors, and choreographers to create both staged and open-ended media environments through performance, visual and acoustic media.

Recent awards include a 2014-15 Isadora Duncan Award for visual design, a 2016 Master Artist residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts along with residencies at Djerassi, Sussex University, and Earthdance; Rainin and Zellerbach foundation funding,  2013 and 2014 ISEA panelist on sensor driven and network performance, Leonardo LASER presentations, 2012 & 2014 LAD awards for video design, and 2012-3 Isadora Duncan Award nominations for best visual design.  In addition he teaches workshops in interactive video / sound, and has been a visiting artist / conference presenter in  media & performance at many institutions including USF, SF State, MIT, Mass Art, LSU, Roehampton, Brighton, Amherst, Duke, Sussex & Brunel.

Winters received a BFA in photography, video/film and performance at SMFA-Boston and Tufts University, and post-graduate training in architecture and live performance and is also the co-curator of Oakland’s MilkBar with Mary Armentrout.
Recent collaborators and media projects include projects with Myra Melford, Chitresh Das Dance, Netia Jones, Francis Ford Coppola (designing the custom Isadora playback system for Twixt), Robert Moses Kin, ODC Dance, Alice Arts, Pamela Z, Evelyn Ficarra, paige starling sorvillo,/blindsight, Sara Kraft, Mary Armentrout Dance Theater, Shadowlight Puppet Theater, Makrokosma Bali, and others. Recent work screenings, performances and video / media design projects  include venues such as Zero1 Gallery, London City University, the Port of Oakland, The Luggage Store, Sergei Kuryokhin Modern Art Center, Moscow Conservatory Electro-acoustic Center, I-Park Artist’s Enclave, Journées de l’électroacoustique, Paris, YBCA, ODC, Z-Space/Theater Artaud, The Asian Art Museum SF, The Kitchen, POTO Arts Festival, EMPAC, MIT New Media Center, Mass art, London Cutting Edge Festival, Oxford & Corsham music festivals, Moving Baltic Sea Festival and OPEN Cinema Festival in St. Petersburg, CounterPULSE, CNMAT, Highways, The Parkway Theaters, Hertz Hall at UC Berkeley, LA Freewaves festival, 21 Grand, Dance Mission and more.

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