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Artistic Residence in Gennevilliers

2e2m shares the stage with master bagpiper Erwan Keravec. With Sonneurs, this insatiable explorer sounds Breton and Scottish bagpipes, bombards and trelombards, launching a new set of pieces for a quartet. The lineup promises to be very exciting, along with George Benjamin's masterpiece for 2 violas. The underlying harmony is highly resonant. The textures, bringing four or more parts into play, highlight its ardent and energetic nature, virtually orchestral in depth of sound.


Duration / 1 h 30

Production 2e2m

George Benjamin

Viola, viola

2 violas



Works for piper quartet

Erwan Keravec bagpipes

Claire Merlet, Hélène Desaint violas


Thursday 1 february 2018 / Gennevilliers / 20 h 00

T2G - Théâtre de Gennevilliers

41 avenue des Grésillons

92230 Gennevilliers

Subway 13 Gabriel Péri

from 4 to 15 euros

Booking +33 (0)1 40 85 64 73



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