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Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival / United Kingdom

This is an exchange between two major players on the contemporary scene, 2e2m and zeitkratzer, coming from radically different musical approaches and cultures, in a genre-breaking performance.

Metal Machine Music, an opus by the legendary Lou Reed, is reinterpreted here in an off-the-charts live acoustic version! French composer Kasper T. Toeplitz (1960) also goes back to the essence of composition in this pure sound piece, an energy drone that deconstructs and reinvents the instruments' transmutation.

Duration / 1 h 00

Coproduction 2e2m, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. With support from Diaphonique, Franco-British fund for Contemporary Music, in partnership with the Institut français of United Kingdom, Sacem, the British Council, the Ministry of Culture, bureauexport, the Institut français in Paris and the Friends of the Institut français of United Kingdom.

Lou Reed

Metal Machine Music (Parts 1-4)

acoustic version for 18 musicians

Kasper T. Toeplitz

Agitation / Stagnation

world premiere of new version
for 18 musicians

2e2m + zeitkratzer

Pierre Roullier conductor

Andreas Harder lights

Benjamin Schultz sound engineer


Friday 17 november 2017 / Huddersfield / 21 h 00

Bates Mill


------- Huddersfield


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