Born in 1975, before focusing on composition I took my Degrees on Chemical Engineering, Music Theory and Piano.

Studies on composition with Josep Soler and later with Luis Naón at the Esmuc, where I got my Degree in Composition.

Then I moved to Paris and received a Master Degree Musicologie, Création, Musique et Société from the « Université Paris 8 », with Horacio Vaggione as thesis director, José Manuel López López and Anne Sedes. The subject of my thesis was Aspects formels et perceptifs d'un environnement rythmique fondé sur la pulsation irrégulière (Formal and perceptual aspects of a rhythmic environment based on irregular pulse).

Still in Paris, I followed the Cursus I at the Ircam, with Yan Maresz and Jean Lochard and then I moved to Geneva to study at the HEM, where I took a Master of Arts Degree with Michael Jarrell, Luis Naón, Eric Daubresse and David Poissonnier.

After that I moved to Rome to study with Ivan Fedele at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. During the second year I was the composer in residence at the Real Academia Española en Roma.

At this moment I live in Paris, and I teach at the CNSMDP in the class of 'New Technologies applied to Composition'. I also work as Artistic Codirector for the Festival Mixtur in Barcelona since its foundation in 2012.

I received grants from the Fundació « La Caixa », Fundación Caja Madrid, Academia Española en Roma, and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

My work is mainly focused on the ideas of regularity and irregularity, interference, interruption and superposition, while everyday phenomena currently present in all methods of communication. My research was first focused on 'time' and 'time perception' at different levels: pulse and irregular pulse, rhythm, 'tempo' phrasing and musical form. Later on I felt interested on researching how these concepts can be applied to all parameters of sound and how they can either reinforce or be in conflict one another.

At this moment I live and work in Paris as teaching assistant in the class 'New Technologies applied to Composition' at the CNSMDP.

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