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With Hanbleceya – 'imploring the dream' –, Zad Moultaka looks to an Amerindian initiation rite, the climax of the Lakota Sioux's spiritual evolution. The journey, the progression, and even physical violence are the means for achieving 'another vision'. The universe created by dances, the climate and energy direct the writing. As for the Swede Lisa Streich (1985), she invites us to look beyond the 60th parallel. It is said that rings of mushrooms appear there where elves have danced. Älv Alv Alva is a fleeting, dreamlike piece of music. On the other hand, the English woman Joanna Bailie (1973) stares intensely at our cities and their noises, making the optical test of transcribing an electronic original for instruments. It is in a mixed space that the French composer Clara Maïda (1963) and American designer Jenny E. Sabin weave the threads of a virtual web, both sound and visual, through the interaction between instruments, electronics and 3D video. 


Duration / 1 h 00

Production 2e2m / Coproduction La Muse en Circuit, Centre national de création musicale.

With the support of CRR de Paris.

Concert recorded by France Musique.

Lisa Streich

Älv Alv Alva

french premiere

Zad Moultaka


guitar and ensemble

Joanna Bailie


world premiere of the new version
ensemble and recording

Clara Maïda / Jenny E. Sabin

Web studies

world premiere / with the support for writing new original musical works
piano, harp, violin, viola, electroacoustic and 3D video

Pierre Roullier conductor

Pablo Márquez guitar

La Muse en Circuit computer technology


Tuesday 24 january 2017 / Paris / 20 h 00

Auditorium Marcel Landowski

14 rue de Madrid

75008 Paris

M3 Europe


19:00 avant-concert


Free entrance

Booking +33 (0)1 47 06 17 76


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