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2e2m is one of the oldest and most distinguished French ensembles dedicated to today's musical creation. The initials that characterize it and which mean "études et expressions des modes musicaux" ("studies and expressions of musical modes") have become an acronym, a guarantee of pluralism and open- mindedness. It is needless to say that for over forty years the Ensemble has been aware of all musical practices.

The Ensemble has premiered more than seven hundred and fifty pieces. Before any other ensemble, 2e2m introduces composers to the public, and many pieces of its repertoire become major milestones.

The outstanding performances of the Ensemble are acknowledged domestically and overseas. 2e2m not only tackles a whole range of styles – classical, modern and recent – but it also aims at being the main agent of new mixed art forms.

Agata Zubel

Aphorisms on Miłosz (extrait)


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